Cornelius Lindsey (born August 16, 1986) is an American trailblazer, international speaker, pastor, and author. He is the Founder and Senior Pastor of The Gathering Oasis Church, a non-denominational church that is located in the Greater Atlanta area. He is the author of eight books, most notably So You Want to Be a Man?, I’m Married. Now, What?, and The Imperfect Family Man. Other aspects of Lindsey’s ministry include his annual men’s conference, his non-profit organization, “The Man Cave Society”, and his YouTube channel that airs monthly bible studies on Christian manhood, fatherhood, and leadership. His YouTube channel has drawn nearly 300,000 views and his conferences bring together men from countries across the world.

Heather is the founder of The Pinky Promise, an organization that promotes honoring God with your life & body whether single or married. Pinky Promise was founded in January 2012 and has grown to over 50,000 women making a promise to honor God with their life. Founder, Heather challenges teens, young adults and women to rise above cultural pressures and to stay determined to live for Christ regardless of their circumstances. Facing consequences women in previous generations couldn’t imagine, ladies receive straight talk from Heather on how to say no in a yes society.

A native of Michigan, Heather was the 10th of 23 children adopted by her parents. Raised in a home with brothers and sisters of different nationalities, she learned early lessons in diversity and applies those in her dynamic presentations. Heather has written five best selling books including Pink Lips & Empty Hearts, A Perfect Recipe, Dusty Crowns, The Runaway Bride and The Purpose Room. Today, Heather and her husband Cornelius live in Atlanta, GA. In January 2013 they launched The Gathering Oasis– Church in Atlanta, GA (

Cornelius and Heather are the proud parents of two children, Logan and Taylor. In their spare time, they enjoy working out in the gym, traveling, preaching, and spending quality time together.